Fuel Oil Tank and Grey Water Storage Solutions for Shipyards

At Adler Tank Rentals, we understand that shipyards have unique maintenance and sanitation needs for dry docked ships. Fuel tanks in ships require regular cleaning and extra fuel storage options. Gray water also needs to be stored and treated according to the stringent regulations to avoid contamination.

Our storage tanks, containers, and berms come in a large variety of sizes to accommodate projects of all proportions and spaces allowing for greater flexibility. Our epoxy lined tanks ensure there is no contamination with easy access manways, making them easy to clean. We believe in putting the safety of your employees first - all our equipment comes with multiple safety features like OSHA approved stairways, high visibility yellow steps, and rails, non-slip step pads and decking.

Application Product
Fuel Oil Storage

21,000 Gallon (Closed-Top) Tanks

Gray water storage

25 Yard Roll-Off Box

Fuel Tank Cleaning

8,400 Gallon (Closed-Top) Mini Tank

Wash water storage

25 Yard Dewatering Box