Power Plants

Liquid Storage Tanks for Power Plants and Power Generation

Power plants thrive on operational continuity and need liquid storage solutions that are readily available. Your storage solutions provider should be able to deliver the right tanks 24/7, with industry expertise you can trust. Adler Tank Rentals provides a range of liquid storage tanks and multipurpose frac tanks such as 21,000-gallon closed-top tanks, 18,000-gallon open-top weir tanks, 25-yard roll-off boxes, 25-yard dewatering boxes, 8,400-gallon closed-top mini tanks, and 5,050-gallon upright poly tanks that can be used for boiler washes, transformer oil storage, temporary water storage, fuel tank maintenance, groundwater remediation, stormwater management, fire protection water tanks, and wastewater tanks.

Power plants require liquid storage tanks for use across various processes, including temporary water storage tanks, poly tanks for acid cleaners, and wastewater tanks. Get clean and high-quality storage tanks that help contain fly ash, store low pH wastewater and even handle heavy viscous material.

Features of frac tanks and liquid storage tanks for power plants include:

  • Environmentally sealed roll-offs and double-wall tanks that comply with EPA and local municipality environmental safety standards. These tanks are especially useful when in or near environmentally sensitive areas, like rivers or lakes.
  • Weir tanks with OSHA approved safety stairs. High visibility yellow steps and rails, non-slip step pads, and multiple access points to let workers operate in safety.
  • Our frac tanks can be joined together with a manifold when needed.
  • 4-10 HP Motor equipped mix tanks for controlled agitation of liquids. Add materials, mix, and maintain temperatures with safety and ease.
  • Dewatering containers that have false floors, disposable filter liners, and walls for effective sludge dewatering to create compact dry waste.
  • Transformer oil storage tank solutions can keep your transformers running and power flowing smoothly.
  • The ability to be joined together with a manifold when needed.

Application Product
Boiler washes

21,000 Gallon (Closed-Top) Tanks

Transformer Oil Storage

18,000 Gallon (Open-Top) Wier

Fuel Tank Maintenance

25 Yard Roll-Off Box

Groundwater remediation

25 Yard Dewatering Box

Stormwater management

8,400 Gallon (Closed-Top) Mini Tank

5,050 Gallon Upright Poly Tank