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Adler Tank Rentals: Solutions for Power Plants

Power plants thrive on operational continuity and we’re here to help make that happen with our range of liquid storage solutions applicable for projects and processes unique to power plant operations.

Challenge: Safe, Reliable Liquid Storage

Temporary storage of liquids, including water, acid cleaning fluids, wastewater, and more.

Challenge: Fire Protection

Onsite water storage tanks readily accessible in the event of fire.

Challenge: Environmental Safety

Meeting state and local environmental regulations and safety standards.


1 21000 gallon container
2 wide range of tank
3 16380 gallon tank

Our fleet of heavy-duty frac tanks are ready to accommodate hazardous or non-hazardous liquids at your plant, including boiler washes, transformer oil storage, fuel, wastewater, and even heavily viscous materials.


Choose from our wide range of tank sizes and configurations to accommodate the size of your site and reliably store water for use in the event of fire.


Especially useful for plants located in environmentally sensitive locations, our sealed roll-offs and double-wall tanks comply with EPA and local municipality environmental safety regulations to help you meet the most stringent standards.

Why Choose Adler

When you choose Adler Tank Rentals, you aren’t just a customer, you’re our partner. We bring more than two decades of industry experience and expertise to every project and customer relationship.

Our team of industry experts will work with you to find solutions that meet your unique, complex needs and fit your budget. Whether you have a last-minute rental need, an emergency, or want basic storage options, as our customer and partner, we’ve got your back!

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Because disasters don’t understand that it’s Saturday and you never know when you’ll need immediate containment solutions after typical business hours. We’re here for you 24/7/365.

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When Every Second Counts

We listen to our customers. But more importantly, we respond to our customers. In fact, we strive to have the fastest response times in the industry. Our goal is to always answer your call on the first ring and respond to your emails, texts, and RFQ faster than the competition.

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Getting it Right

We have the right rent-ready equipment in the right quantities and locations to suit the specific needs of your site and project.

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Seamless Onsite Experience

Start to finish, from delivery to pickup, we work with you every step of the way to provide a seamless onsite experience. From helping you determine the right products for your needs to offering the most cost-effective solution with your budget in mind, we’ve got your back.

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Five Reasons Your Jobsite Needs Fool-Proof Spill Containment

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21000 gallon container
21,000 Gallon
(500 BBL) Closed-Top Frac Tanks

Adler's 21,000-gallon (500 BBL) capacity closed-top frac tanks can be used for large-scale storage of hazardous and non-hazardous fluids, such as transformer oil, fuel, or water, as well as for waste containment.

18000 gallon container
18,000 Gallon
(430 BBL) Open-Top Frac Tanks

Designed for easy access to content, our heavy-duty 18,000-gallon open-top frac tanks solve containment issues across a range of applications and industries.

Roll-Off Canvas
25 Yard
Roll-Off Canvas Tarp Containers and Boxes

Our 25-yard roll-off containers come with heavy-duty roll-off vinyl canvas tarps that protect contents from precipitation, debris, and visibility.

dewatering roll
25 Yard
Sludge Dewatering Box with Canvas Tarp

Our 25-yard dewatering roll-off container features an industry-standard heavy-duty canvas tarp to protect contents from unwanted debris and precipitation.

8400 gallon tank
8,400 Gallon
(200 BBL) Closed-Top Mini Multipurpose Tanks

Don’t let lack of space hinder onsite liquid storage. Designed for a smaller footprint, our 8,400-gallon (200 BBL) closed-top mini multipurpose tank offers an ideal onsite liquid storage solution for sites where space is at a premium.

5050 gallon container
5,050 Gallon
Cross-Linked Upright Poly Tanks

Our upright poly tanks are made from high-density cross-linked polyethylene, and are used to safely store up to 5,050 gallons of liquids such as chemicals, water, and other fluids.


"I've rented these tanks for years, they work great for storing our process liquids during outages."

Jerry, IN
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