Temporary Wastewater Tanks and Bypass Solutions for Municipal Projects

At Adler Tank Rentals, we offer quick, flexible municipal solutions for all your fluid containment and storage needs with a team of industry specialists, 24/7 availability and rapid response times.

Handle temporary overflow at wastewater treatment plants, contain effluents, or settle out solids and sediment confidently with open-top tanks, weir tanks and other municipal storage solutions from Adler.

Our temporary wastewater tanks and dewatering tanks are ideal for providing on-site water storage and dewatering facilities during municipal construction projects. We are also equipped to handle sewer bypass pumping projects with our 21,000-gallon frac tanks readily available to handle temporary overflows at wastewater treatment plants.

We use popular products like the 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Tanks, 18,000 Gallon Open-Top Tanks and 25 Yard Vacuum Dewatering Boxes to help save you time and money for your municipal projects and to improve productivity on site. You can also contact us for third-party filtration and onsite treatment services.

An Expert Partner for Various Municipal Storage Applications

We work with municipal superintendents, project managers and supervisors on projects like emergency bypass systems, contamination situations, and emergency replacements. Our wastewater tank rentals can save you time and money, and with quick and efficient solutions for:

  • Wastewater storage and settlement
  • Debris containment
  • Slurry dewatering
  • Fluid suspension and mixing
  • Grading dust control systems
  • Temporary firewater systems
  • Excavation dewatering and filtering

We also arrange specific solutions for the filtration of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, xylene, MTBE and ethylbenzene; filtration of perchlorate and dissolved heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium and zinc, onsite treatment of groundwater, and trenchless road crossing bypasses. We partner to provide turnkey solutions and leverage our capabilities and extensive experience in achieving compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Application Product
Temporary water and wastewater storage

21,000 Gallon (Closed-Top) Tank

21,000 Gallon (Open-Top) Tank

Construction and repair of underground utilities

21,000 Gallon (Closed-Top) Tank

18,000 Gallon (Open-Top) Wier

Blending and delivery of slurry products

18,270 Gallon Mix Tank

25 Yard Roll-Off Box

Excavation dewatering & filtration

25 Yard Dewatering Box

21,000 Gallon (Open-Top) Tank

Stormwater storage and treatment of runoff at construction sites

8,400 Gallon (Closed-Top) Mini Tank

5,050 Gallon Upright Poly Tank