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Oil and water don’t mix, especially when residual oil leaks onto an electric and gas power site located near a harbor. In early March 2022, someone noticed a sheen on the surface of Ontario Lake near Oswego, New York, at a power company. The source of the leak was speculated to be a compromised transfer pipe, resulting in oil releasing through a storm drain into the harbor, according to a report from NOAA.

Because of the nature of this emergency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Coast Guard were called in to make sure clean up was completed by the book. Clean-up crews sought to limit the damage to wildlife as well as limit the spread of the oil.

Meeting the Challenges

Adler Tank Rentals started containment with a delivery of one 21,000 gallon frac tank and one roll-off box, but the source of the oil leak took some time to be located—this meant more containment equipment was needed, and quickly. Within one week, Adler Tank Rentals delivered a total of fourteen 21K frac tanks with spill berms, and 25 roll-off boxes.

The site evolved into a major remediation project with even more equipment needed to store water and soil that had been contaminated by the leaking oil. Over 3 weeks Adler Tank Rentals delivered  (31) 21K frac tanks, 49 roll-off boxes, and 37 spill berms from the Syracuse, NY and Pittsburg, PA branches to assist in the cleanup efforts.

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Going Above and Beyond

An Adler Tank Rentals employee worked at the remediation site in Oswego for almost an entire month. During the day he would support the clean-up efforts, then spend his evenings and weekends repairing, servicing and green-tagging equipment for next-day deliveries to take care of other customers.

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