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Storage Tanks


  • Project Requirements: A major environmental company
  • Products Needed: Tanks and berms used to contain and store wastewater generated by fire remediation and cleanup process


In July 2020, fire raged aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard for nearly five days at the Naval Base in San Diego. In addition to clouding San Diego with a haze of smoke, the waters of the harbor itself were in jeopardy of contamination especially during the remediation and cleanup process. To ensure a safe, thorough cleanup process in accordance with strict state and federal regulations, a major environmental company was commissioned to lead the project.


Providing industrial and emergency-spill cleanup services nationwide since 1992, the environmental company was ready to bring its considerable expertise to the cleanup efforts. In addition to remediation of environmental waste produced by the fire, efforts included pressure washing and cleaning the interior and exterior of the ship and ensuring that zero contaminated wastewater spilled into the harbor waters.

Partnering with Adler Tank Rentals

As soon as Adler Tank Rentals was contacted for additional support, it was all hands on deck, with Adler drivers and maintenance technicians across Southern California jumping into action. After green-tagging tanks and containment berms, dispatchers quickly scheduled delivery. With the goal of collecting all wastewater into floating barges, teams would transfer the wastewater to Adler frac tanks on the pier to be subsequently transported, treated, and properly disposed of.

Storage Tank
Storage Tank

Challenges and Solutions

As with any major emergency, it’s nearly impossible to do things fast enough; time is always of the essence. Responding to the Bonhomme Richard fire was no exception. For Adler, the main challenge was delivering and setting up the tanks 20 in all! within a small window of time, while adhering to state and federal labor regulations limiting hours for drivers.


But Adler Tank Rentals delivered, on time and without a hitch. After coordinating with third-party haulers for equipment delivery and setup, Adler successfully met all customer parameters and put in place:


        20 21,000-gallon tanks manifolded with 4-inch hoses

        28 10’ x 50’ containment berms

        19 hoses


In an Emergency, We’ve Got Your Back

At Adler Tank Rentals, we’re ready for any emergency liquid and solids containment needs, with our fleet of rent-ready, safe, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industries.


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