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Mechanical Features
Mechanical Features
  • 3" top fill tube
  • (4) Standard 22" side hinged accessways
  • Multiple 4' valved fill/drain ports including floor level valves for low point drain out
  • 4" Vent
  • Sloped bottom for 100% drain out and easier cleaning after use
  • Smooth wall construction - no internal cross bracing
  • Front mounted ladderwell for top access
  • Fixed rear axle
  • Nose rail cut - out for easy access when installing hose and fittings on the front /bottom of tank
  • Features open top for easy access to liquids being stored, pumped or treated
  • Full length catwalk equipped with safety rails and non-slip tread
Safety Features
  • All tanks are equipped with non-slip step material on ladderwells and catwalks
  • All rails and catwalks are painted "safety yellow" for high visibility
  • Safe operation reminder decals are applied on risk areas such as steps, valves and hatches
  • Tanks are equipped with fill level charts and may be fitted with audible alarms, strobes and level gauges(digital and mechanical)
  • Regularly tested by technicians to meet stringent industry standards
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