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Open-top frac tanks are typically used to separate and store different types of liquids mixed with waste and other contaminants from runoff water to diesel fuel, oils, chemicals, and other waste products.

Available for purchase or rent, our heavy-duty open-top frac tanks can be used across a wide range of applications:

  • Construction Dewatering
  • Sediment Control
  • Freshwater Containment
  • Drilling Projects
  • Plant Maintenance


Our large fleet of open-top tanks are available in a range of sizes to meet your specifications:

  • 21,000 Gallon Open-Top Frac Tanks
  • 18,000 Gallon Open-Top Frac Tanks
  • 10,080 Gallon Open-Top Mud Tanks
  • 18,000 Gallon Open-Top Weir Tanks
  • 7,266 Gallon Mini Open-Top Weir Tanks
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