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18K Gallon Gas Buster Tank

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Dimensions: 129 1/16 in. height x 102 in. width x 562 1/2 in. length

Tare Weight: 31,500 lbs

Product Descriptions

Our 18,000 gallon (430 BBL) gas buster tanks help to prevent dangerous blowouts; remove free or entrained gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide; and stabilize mud and oil viscosity. These tanks are an ideal solution for project sites with oil and gas well completions, re-work and drill-out, and relieving pressure off pipelines for service and testing.

Fitted with a series of baffles to decelerate the flow of gas and fluids, the tanks also feature top vents to release gases and outlets at the bottom to dispense liquids. Fully OSHA compliant, our tanks adhere to stringent safety standards.

Mechanical Features

  • 3" fill line
  • Three (3) 22" dual manway housing
  • One (1) front 4" valve fill/drain port and one (1) rear for low point drain out
  • Easy-to-clean design with smooth-wall interior, no corrugations, and no internal rods
  • Front-mounted ladder well for top access

Technical Specifications 

  • Capacity: 18,000 gallons (430 BBL)
  • Dimensions: 129 1/16 in. height x 102 in. width x 562 1/2 in. length
  • Tare Weight: 31,500 lb.

Download this PDF for a detailed list of specifications.

To rent gas buster frac tanks, contact us or request a quote. Our 24-hour emergency service, expert support, transportation, repair, and cleaning services set our work apart and make us the partner you can really count on.

Safety Features

  • Non-slip step materials on ladder wells and catwalks
  • “Safety yellow” rails and catwalks for high visibility
  • Safe operation reminder decals


  • Level gauges (fixed or temporary)
  • Audible alarms, strobes, and level gauges (digital and mechanical)
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