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21K Gallon Insulated Tank

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Dimensions: 45 ft. 9 in. length x 8 ft. 6 in. wide x 11 ft. 1 in. height

Tare Weight: 29,900 lb.

Product Overview

Our closed-top 21,000-gallon (500 BBL) insulated frac tanks retain the temperature of stored liquids even in freezing temperatures. Liquids stored at 104⁰F lose only 9⁰F over a 72-hour period, compared to 59⁰F in non-insulated tanks.

Using expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, these tanks meet Standard Mechanical Code and International Mechanical Code requirements. EPS panels can withstand temperature cycling, are moisture-resistant and recyclable, and do not harm air or groundwater.

 Mechanical Features

  • 200° 2-part epoxy liner on tank interior
  • Tank coated with an aluminum oxide paint for anticorrosion, moisture repellent
  • Floor bottom coated for rust-prevention
  • 3" fill line
  • Four (4) standard 22" side-hinged manways
  • Multiple 4" valved fill/drain ports, including floor-level valves for low point drain out
  • 4" vent with 1 lb pressure/4 oz vacuum pressure relief valve
  • Sloped and V bottom for quicker drain out and easier cleaning
  • One (1) front and one (1) rear 4" valved fill/drain port
  • Easy-to-clean design with a smooth-wall interior, no corrugations, and no internal rods
  • Meets Cal/OSHA guidelines
  • Fixed rear axle for increased maneuverability
  • Nose rail cut-out for easy access when installing hose and fittings on the front/bottom of the tank
  • Two (2) top connection ports for vapor recovery

Technical Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 45 ft. 9 in. length x 8 ft. 6 in. wide x 11 ft. 1 in. height
  • Tare Weight: 29,900 lb.
  • Capacity: 21,000 gallon (500 BBL)

Adler Tank Rentals provides insulated frac tanks for rent with 24-hour emergency service. If you are looking for rental tank solutions for 21,000 gallon or 500 BBL closed-top insulated frac tanks, contact us at 800-421-7471 or request a quote today!

 Safety Features

  • High-quality non-slip material for stairs and catwalks
  • Decals with clear "safe operation" reminders
  • We provide safety side stairways so you don’t need to use mechanical guard rails
  • All our rails and catwalks have "Safety Yellow color so they are easily visible
  • Strapping charts
  • Tested using hydrostatic pressure testing


  • Insulated with UL-listed, R-16 rated modular EPS panels
  • EPS Test Data and EPS Specs
  • R value maintained for decades with no measurable loss of efficiency
  • Field Repairable Application
  • Easily Convertible to an un-insulated tank, and back again
  • Less than a 1-Year ROI is achievable
  • Innovative, patent-pending design


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