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Mechanical Features
Mechanical Features
  • SS 316 stainless steel
  • Standard Vilton elastomers
  • 3" fill line
  • Four (4) standard 22" side-hinged manways
  • Multiple 4" valved fill/drain ports, including floor-level valves for low point drain out
  • 4" vent with 1 lb pressure/4 oz vacuum pressure relief valve
  • Sloped and V bottom for quicker drain out and easier cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean design with smooth-wall interior, no corrugations and no internal rods
  • Meets Cal/OSHA guidelines
  • Fixed rear axle for increased maneuverability
  • Nose rail cut-out for easy access when installing hose and fittings on the front/bottom of tank
  • One (1) front and one (1) rear 4" valved fill/drain port
  • Two (2) top connection ports for vapor recovery
Safety Features
  • High-quality anti-slip material used for stairs and catwalk steps
  • Decals with “Safe Operation“ reminders
  • Safety side stairway— no need of mechanical guard rails
  • Strapping charts
  • Rails and catwalks with “Safety Yellow“ color so they are easily visible
  • Tested using hydrostatic pressure testing
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