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Dubbed the “workhorse” of Adler Tank Rentals fleet of temporary liquid storage tanks, the 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Frac Tank works across a multitude of applications—from specialty chemicals and fuel storage to transformer oil storage and emergency groundwater containment solutions:

  • Pipeline and Terminal Projects
  • Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Maintenance
  • Engineering and Remediation Consulting Projects
  • Utility and Sewer Plant Repair and Maintenance
  • Drilling and Exploration Chemical Storage


Adler Tank Rentals provides a complete line of closed-top tanks that offer an ideal solution for fracking projects and industrial sites that require safe, reliable on-site liquid storage, all available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs:

  • ​​21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Tank - Use our popular liquid storage multipurpose tanks for transformer oil storage, fuel storage, water storage, waste containment, and more. These tanks can be outfitted with an external manifold for easier access, quick draining, and inline tank sets.

  • 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Insulated Tank - Solve liquid heat loss worries in cold weather with these tanks, which can be converted from insulated to non-insulated, and back to insulated applications.

  • 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Tank (Stainless Steel) - Use this corrosion-resistant frac tank to store chemicals, storage for spent caustics and acids, waste products and other liquids with confidence.

  • 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Tank (Round Bottom Dual Manifold) - These containment tanks come with a dual manifold for faster transfer and a round bottom to circulate and drain heavy mud and fluids easily.

  • 21,000 Gallon Closed-Top Tank (Steam Coil) - Prevent fluids from freezing or solidifying with this steam coil equipped tank. Drain liquids faster and save on your rental cost.

  • 8,400 Gallon Closed-Top Mini Tank - Use this mini fluid storage tank for smaller, temporary closed top liquid storage needs. The smaller footprint saves space on tight sites (roll-off truck compatible).
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