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Dewatering Sludge Boxes and Containers

Save on waste disposal costs by dewatering sludge with a range of dewatering boxes and containers from Adler Tank Rentals.

Rent dewatering boxes and tanks for metallurgical industries, construction, horizontal drilling and boring, liquid containment, pipeline, emergency response, groundwater, excavation and filtration, and other cleanouts to meet just about any project's dewatering requirements with our hydro tested containers.

Dewatering tanks, also called drainage containers or separation containers, are cost effective solutions for situations where pumps are not available and sludge needs to be dewatered and transported. Sludge with high water content tends to be very heavy, making it difficult and expensive to transport. Dewatering will drain the sludge or water, resulting in compacted dry waste. This process makes passing environmental compliance regulations easier, since the water effluent can then be treated separately from the solid. Waste is also easier to transport to a dumping station using the same dewatering sludge box.

You can use our roll-off canvas tarp dewatering containers for leak-proof transportation and to protect material from harsh weather. Get our steel hard top boxes for watertight storage and a variety of dewatering applications. We also offer vacuum dewatering containers for vacuum containment applications. Each dewatering tanks can be fitted with a disposable filter liner, available in various thicknesses including 100, 250, and 400 microns. Roll-off trunks can pick up to dump debris after dewatering and return tanks to continue the process.

If you are looking to rent a dewatering box for your sludge dewatering and transportation needs, look no further. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the right dewatering solution. Get in touch with Adler Tank Rentals and request a quote today.

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