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Roll-Off Truck Ramps

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Roll-Off Truck Ramps

Empty your truck bed quickly and easily into dewatering tanks with the help of our truck roll-off ramps. These heavy-duty must-haves safely and efficiently transfer sludge from trucks to dewatering tanks in a snap.

Our high-quality, 100,000-pound max capacity ramps get the job done right with standard features such as state-of-the-industry outside rail understructure and spring-assisted fold-up ramps.

Your project is our priority. We work with you from the moment you call us to determine the right solution for your needs, offering planning assistance and fast delivery to meet your schedule and requirements. All our equipment is maintained and tested by our expert technicians in order to meet the strictest industry standards.

Truck Roll-Off Ramp: Product Review

Reduce the margin of error and prevent spillage with our heavy-duty truck roll-off ramps. These 100,000-pound-max-capacity ramps are perfect for the precise transfer of liquid or sludge waste to dewatering tanks.

Mechanical Features

  • Outside rail understructure
  • Spring-assisted fold-up ramps
  • 43-inch-grade lift
  • Rear-wheel bumper
  • 20-foot catwalk
  • Tire guides

You can also add options that include pinned rear outriggers for added stability and fold-down catwalks longer than the 20-foot standard. Customers can call directly to learn more about ramp length, loading requirements, delivery options, price, and related products. 

Why Adler Tank Rentals?

Adler Tank Rentals provides reliable pump rental solutions across a range of applications. Our inventory can help satisfy all your industrial requirements, from tank-to-tank transfers, general dewatering at the job site to chemical applications and emergencies.

We offer 24-hours, 365-days rental services so that you can meet your needs right away. From routine maintenance and tank transfers to emergency floodwater and groundwater containment, we have what it takes to complete a wide range of industrial and commercial projects.


What are roll-off truck ramps made of?

Truck ramps are made of commercial-grade steel or aluminum to withstand the elements. Specific weight limits apply.

What are the ways you can use a roll-off truck ramp?

Truck ramps can be used for a number of applications, from sludge transfers to loading heavy equipment, and more.

How can you transfer a roll-off truck ramp?

Roll-off truck ramps can be transferred in the back of a truck bed or tank. Folding vehicle ramps are also available to make moving easier.

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