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Dewater sludge in dewatering tanks and roll-off boxes using filter liners that separate and filter solids and liquids. These liners can dewater:

  • Frac sands
  • Greasy wastes
  • Industrial wastes, and
  • Sludges with liquid and solid particles

Dewatering equipment can be expensive. Form-fitted for easy, quick and convenient installation, our filter liners are durable and cost-effective. You can choose plastic liners that are chemical-resistant and withstand punctures, or get disposable geotextile fabric liners that can be custom-fit for municipal, construction, and treatment plant operations.

These filter liners are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, for different dewatering containers and boxes:

  • ​​25 Yard Roll-Off Canvas Tarp Containers and Boxes
  • 25 Yard Roll-Off Containers and Boxes - Hard Top - Steel
  • 25 Yard Tub-Style and Steel Hard Top Roll-Off Containers and Boxes
  • 20 Yard Roll-Off - Poly Top Containers and Boxes
  • 25 Yard Sludge Dewatering Box with Canvas Tarp
  • 25 Yard Dewatering Hard Top Steel Roll-Off Boxes and Containers
  • 25 Yard Dewatering Vacuum Box

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To get dewatering tank liners and other accessories for roll-off boxes and containers, request a quote here. You can also call 800-421-7471 for more information.

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