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Frequently asked questions

What sizes do your tanks and containers/boxes come in?

We have 8,400 gallon and 21,000 gallon closed-top tanks, 18,000 gallon open-top tanks, 18,000 gallon double-wall tanks, 25-cubic yard vacuum boxes and 25-cubic yard dewatering boxes.tear

Do you sell your tanks or do you just strictly rent them?

We are a rental company and would prefer to rent the tanks to you. If your project is a lengthy one, we will work out a reasonable rate to help make your project more profitable.

What sizes are the inlet and outlet on your tanks?

Our 21,000 gallon tanks are equipped with 4" butterfly valves on the bottom of the front and back of the tanks, we also have a third 4" valve on the front of the tank about 2' off the ground to allow for decanting fluids. These valves are all 4" female NPTF. There is also a 3" male NPTF fill pipe in the front, which leads to the top of the tank. The 8,400 gallon tanks have the same inlet and outlets except the front valves are at floor level. The double-wall tank has only one 4" butterfly valve in the front.

I don’t want to get any rust or scale in the liquid we are storing; do you have epoxy-coated tanks?

Yes, the majority of tanks we have in o ur fleet are epoxy-coated.

Do your tanks have interior bracing?

No, all of our tanks are rodless, which makes them easier to clean out at the end of the project.

I have rented some tanks in the past where the access hatches were on the top of the tank and we had to lift heavy buckets of sediment out of the tank. Do your tanks have an easier way for us to remove the heavy mud and sludge that remains after the tank

Yes, our 8,400, 18,000 and 21,000 open-top tanks are all equipped with side clean-out hatches that enable you to shovel or vacuum out the remaining sediment left after a tank is drained. In fact, these tanks all have at least three manways on them, one in the front at chest level, one on the passenger side at floor level and one on the top to view the product. The open-top tank has three side hatches.

Can I store acid or caustic in the epoxy-coated tank?

We would prefer if the PH on the liquid stored in our tanks is between 5 – 9. This would eliminate most acids and caustics, which would harm the coating and the tank.

Do we have to clean the tanks at the end of the job?

Yes, we deliver the tanks to your site clean and empty, and we expect to pick them up the same way. We have designed our tanks to be easier to clean so your cleaning costs will be greatly reduced.

Do you have any tanks with baffles?

Yes, our open-top tanks with over/under weirs help to separate sediment from water or oil from water. These tanks feature a catwalk that runs the full length of the tank to allow for full inspection of the separation process. Also, the three side hatches make this tank an easy tank to clean.

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