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Happy customers, happy us

Adler Tank Rentals is trusted by businesses across industries as a leading provider of temporary storage tanks such as frac tanks, containers and boxes, and berms. Providing our customers with reliable and efficient services is our focus with customer satisfaction our main concern.

Here’s a look at some customer stories and a firsthand account of how our solutions have helped our clients solve their hazardous and non-hazardous liquid containment challenges.

Please feel free to contact us and share your Adler Tank Rental reviews today.

“I recommend Adler all of the time. My sales rep, John Shura, takes care of everything for us. I can count on Adler!”

- Mr. Zuidema (Mare Island Dry Dock)

“Adler pulls off some pretty amazing things. We had a client who was digging deep and struck oil in a place they should not have. Adler delivered a box within 25 minutes. Their responsiveness was impressive.”

- Mr. Foster (GHD Services)

“Great customer service! We’re in the environmental business, and Manny understands that. Things change at a moment’s notice, and he always comes through for us. He stops by regularly and he makes sure we’re good if he hasn’t heard from us in a while. I only call him.”

- Mr. Halbert (Hulls Environmental)

“I work with Ken Schramm. I called one day, and he had it there the next day. I called to get it picked up, and he had it picked up that afternoon. Super good service. I was also impressed with that the delivery crew that took a photo of the tank once it was set up and sent it to me.”

- Mr. Nestingen (Kwik Trip)

“They are very quick to respond to questions and requests. I’ve had zero issues with Adler.”

- Mr. Netzel (Aldridge Electric)

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